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Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration Provides Both Commercial and Residential Services …


Carpet Cleaning

We use a process called Steam Extraction Truck Mounted System used for Carpet Cleaning which is the cleaning method nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend. This is the only cleaning method classified as “deep cleaning.” All the others are considered “light surface cleaning” because they are incapable of removing soil deep in the pile. Also, all other methods leave large amounts of cleaning agents (residue) in the carpet after cleaning.

Steam cleaning uses a fine spray of water to force dirt out of the carpet, which is sucked up, by the vacuum slot immediately in front of the spray. Seldom is real live steam used, however. The process consists of spraying a solution of water and detergent into the carpet pile and recovering the water and soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank. This can be done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home with only the hose and floor tool brought inside, or by a portable, system brought into the home or office.

Carpet in a typical household should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending upon the number of residents, amount and type of activity, and whether the carpet is light or dark in color.

The question we hear a lot is Professional Carpet Cleaning Versus “Do it Yourself” Cleaning? The maintenance brochure published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommends professional carpet cleaning over “Do-It-Yourself” because of the potential problems that can occur from using rental equipment – such as yellowing, over wetting, fiber tip damage, severe re-soiling, overuse of detergents, etc.

Tile & Grout Cleaning / Sealing

Our truck mounted cleaning systems are set up to handle the cleaning of Tile and Grout. We begin the process by using an aggressive but safe Tile and Grout cleaner that will remove years of dirt and grime. After applying the cleaner we then use a high temperature and pressure wash to bring the Tile and Grout back to its original condition. After the cleaning process we will then re-seal any stone or tile such as slate or travertine.

Hard Wood Flooring

Our wood floor specialists will give you a complimentary assessment of your hard-wood floor needs. Our advanced solution of cleaning and coating is done in three easy steps.

First: we will perform a deep scrub to remove embedded soil, contaminants, and residues. The genius of this system is the combining of solutions and the floor cleaning machine itself, known as the DIRT DRAGON.

Second: step we use Tykote to prepare wood floors for re-coating. Its exclusive properties act as the bonding agent between the existing floor and the new topcoat.

Third: step is all about the water-based finish. There are different products available for an ambered or clean appearance with a satin or gloss finish. This finish matches the quality and endurance of the original finish applied to your hardwoods.

Maintaining your hardwood floors with this system will eliminate the expense and inconvenience of a more restorative method such as a complete sand and refinish or even worse a costly replacement. The Key to extending the life of your wood floors is maintaining your wood floor.

Carpet Stretching & Repair

Sometimes carpets are improperly installed either by not power stretching them during installation or not allowing enough time for the Carpets to acclimate to the humidity within the home. Over time carpets will lose their stretch and will get the “rippled” look to them. Our technicians can power-stretch any room if needed as well as repairing any damaged areas in the carpet such as holes or tears by seaming in a piece of carpet.

Natural Stone Cleaning and Polishing

We believe your Natural Stone is a precious material and it deserves to be treated with the utmost care. Our Granite Cleaning and Polishing will transform the look of your Natural Stone in your countertops by removing dirt and contaminants. We achieve this by buffing the stone first with a specialized sander that will bring the shine back to your stone. We use DuPont Stone Tech Professional Sealer only on your natural stone. DuPont Stone Tech Professional Sealer is committed to the best quality care products to Protect, Clean and Transform your natural stone.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is as important to a room’s appearance as your carpet. That’s why Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration Inc. use the recommended process for upholstery cleaning. Before we clean any upholstery our certified trained technicians do a thorough inspection for rips, tears or splits from seams, frayed welting and loose or missing buttons. Exclusive’s professional technicians are specially trained in the care of all fabric types, even the most delicate, so you can feel comfortable in knowing they’ll choose the proper upholstery cleaning solution for your furniture, by using specially designed tools to gently clean folds and crevices, they’ll ensure the entire piece is entirely clean.

Our exclusive two-step upholstery cleaning system includes a specially formulated pH-balancing fiber rinse that removes cleaning solution residue right along with deep-down dirt – leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh-smelling fabric and furniture.

Mattress Cleaning

Your mother may have kissed you goodnight with the playful warning ‘Don’t let the bedbugs bite’ — but bedbugs are no joke. Learn about the signs of a bedbug infestation and how to clear these pests from your home. Our Ultra Truck Mounted Cleaning System brings a new level of clean to your bed. This is not just basic steam cleaning. We have some of the newest technology available for restoring your Mattresses. Our new generation units are designed to deep clean. And our intensive cleaning uses 2 separate steps to leave your mattresses hygienically clean and fresh. Our separate neutralizing rinse step ensures your mattress is left residue free. This greatly extends how long you go in between cleanings. By using a deep rinsing step, we remove soapy residues from previous cleaning and leave you with a mattress that is fresh and micro clean.

Water Damage

Water damage when it happens, is both sudden and dramatic. Recognizing that one moment everything at home is apparently fine and the next, you have an enormous water problem on your hands, when water damage occurs our company offers immediate assistance for all your water damage needs. Water damage can vary from simple water damage issues such as broken water pipes, water heaters to bigger and more devastating water damage. Regardless of what water damage issues that you have; Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration can help. Our focus is on water extraction and drying out your home as fast as possible to stop secondary damage from happening.


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