Time for a Deep Spring Clean!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Although there is still snow on the ground, and a few more snowstorms on the forecast, Spring is definitely in the air here in Summit county! With the change of seasons outside, it’s the perfect time to give the inside of your home a makeover as well. We know it can be a daunting task to tackle all the grime and dirt that inevitably finds its way inside during a busy Winter of skiing and boarding on the slopes, but Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration and Exclusive Cleaning Summit can take on even the messiest of Breckenridge Spring cleaning jobs, so let them help! If you’re feeling motivated to do some deep Spring cleaning in your Breckenridge home yourself, though, then break out the vacuum and mop, and follow this checklist to get started in sprucing up your house!

Breckenridge spring cleaning service

Living Room

The heart of the home… and inevitably a place where dirt and dust manage to find their way into all the nooks and crannies. Spiderwebs also have a habit of collecting in the corners, so as a first step, start with the ceilings! Extend the hose of your vacuum, and run it along the corners and edges of the ceilings. Spring is also a great time to move the large furniture items and clean those places that are normally hard to reach. Set aside a day, and recruit another person to help move the larger pieces, and give the floor a thorough dusting and mopping, if it’s wood, or vacuuming, if it’s carpet. After the furniture is back in place, go over your cloth furniture (make sure to lift cushions!) with the fabric nozzle attachment on your vacuum. Don’t forget to take off any slipcovers and pillow covers and throw them in the wash, as well! Bonus points: vacuum lampshades, clean the fireplace/wood-stove, and dust any fan blades and lights.



Winter comfort foods are the best, but with all the cooking of tasty soups, stews, and casseroles, the kitchen can be a messy place in need of a thorough cleaning by Springtime. Along with your usual routine of mopping the floors and washing up all dirty dishes, take the time to give the stove-top (make sure to lift the burner grates!), appliances, backsplashes, cabinets, and inside and outside of the dishwasher and fridge a thorough scrubbing. Now is also a great chance to go through the cabinets and pantry and toss anything that is expired, and reorganize for a sparkling and orderly new space to cook in. Bonus points: deep clean the oven, wash any kitchen light switches (sticky fingerprints find their way onto these), and defrost the freezer.

Breckenridge spring cleaning service


Although the bathroom is a place that is regularly and thoroughly cleaned, Spring is a wonderful chance to take the extra step of cleaning and de-clogging the tub and sink drains. Additionally, go through all the drawers, medicine cabinet, and underneath the sink and wipe them out with all-purpose spray and a sponge. Unused, old, and expired toiletries and medications have a habit of collecting in the bathroom, so toss out anything that you can, and clear out some space in those drawers and shelves. Bonus points: wash the baseboards, and wipe down the doorknobs



It’s time to open the windows and bring some fresh air into your bedrooms after the long, cold winter! After dusting and vacuuming, take down any curtains, remove the heavy winter bedding, flannel sheets, and fleece blankets and launder them accordingly. While it may seem over-ambitious, now it a great time to vacuum, rotate and flip your mattress in order to distribute the wear and increase the life of the mattress. Lastly, let even more of the Spring sunshine in by giving the windows a clean on both the inside and outside. Bonus points: dust any fan blades and lights, clean out the closets, and rotate winter wear for Spring clothing



We know it’s daunting, but you can do it! The snow is almost gone, so now is the time to  neatly organize the winter skis, snowboards, and snowshoes, and break out the summer gear and gardening pots! Unearth all the boxes stashed in the corners of the garage, and go through each one, donating or selling whatever you don’t use or need any more. The key to an organized and Spring-ready garage, is creating orderly storage systems for everything. Designate shelves for certain categories of items, label bins and caddies and place the appropriate items in them, and put racks for bikes, and skis on the walls in order to reduce clutter on the garage floor and open up space. Bonus points: take a broom and sweep the corners of the garage ceiling to remove any spiderwebs, and wipe down any shelves.

Breckenridge spring Cleaning Service


While it may seem like a lot to tackle, Breckenridge Spring cleaning is a manageable goal if it’s broken into smaller tasks—so set aside a weekend to clean each room, and in no time, your home will be sparkling, and ready for the new season. Even better yet, skip the hassle and hire Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration to do your Breckenridge Spring cleaning for you; then you can begin those gardening projects or get out on the trails with a clear conscience and a clean home.