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Top 10 Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Your Rental Property

There are many practical steps that you can take to prevent water from damaging your rental property.

They say that prevention is the best cure and water damage isn’t an exception. While accidents do occur and there are many possible unexpected scenarios, Bighorn Rentals warns it’s essential that you conduct proper preventive maintenance to really minimize the risks of water damage.

In this article you’ll learn about ten different ways you can prevent water from creating serious damage in your rental property.

1.    Repair the roof

Homeowners don’t really focus on the roof issues before it’s too late. You shouldn’t wait for any brown spots or discoloration to appear on the property’s ceiling. By then it’s already too late.

There are many practical steps that you can take to prevent water from damaging your rental property.

A better approach is to annually check your roof. In the case of any damaged or outright missing shingles, you should get the repairs done immediately. This is a sure way to keep the water from entering the rooms, at least from the ceiling.

2. Clean the floor drains

Many people overlook their floor drains. Actually, these areas are notorious for the accumulation of dust, hair, and other potentially obstructive matter. The best policy is to clean the drains at least once a week or every two weeks. Doing it less often might expose the property to water hazards.

3. Extend the downspouts

The gutter downspouts should extend as far away from the property as possible. The efficiency of a drainage system lies in its ability to stop water from accumulating directly around the house.

When the downspouts are enabling the collection of rainwater around the building, then you haven’t got an effective drainage solution.

Furthermore, the extent isn’t the only important matter here. Any broken parts of the whole drainage system should be quickly replaced. Otherwise, you are allowing the risk of water damage to climb upwards.

4.  Clean the gutters

Another annual cleaning that you should do is gutter cleaning. This is a great way to lessen the risk of having any unnecessary water entering your property. The rain gutters are notorious for getting clogged with bits of vegetation and debris.

There are many practical steps that you can take to prevent water from damaging your rental property.

Also, rainwater might dislodge material that accumulates inside the gutters. Always make sure the gutters are properly angled. Otherwise, the water might start to pool around the property, creating significant damage to the house’s structural integrity.

5. Seal the cracks

Cracks in the foundation and the walls may raise the risk of water damage. When the water starts seeping into these cracks, the whole foundation of the house may get compromised. Sometimes bigger cracks may indicate major problems that need the attention of a structural engineer.

6.    Install a moisture sensor

Sometimes a smart moisture sensor can save your property from extensive water damage. The problem with water damage is that it’s not always a clear emergency. There are times when water is gradually seeping in and slowly destroying some parts of the house.

That’s why it’s useful to use gadgets like a moisture sensor. You should install it in the areas prone to water damage. For example, you could put it in the crawl space or under the sink. If the device is connected to the Wi-Fi, you’ll immediately get a notification of a moisture level getting out of control. The initial investment could save you a fortune.

7.   Check your sump pump

Are you noticing excess moisture and water in your crawl space or basement rooms? Sump pumps work to keep these spaces clear of any water that has started to pile up in the sump pit. You should regularly keep an eye on this pump to ensure that the water hasn’t started to damage the building from underneath.

There are many practical steps that you can take to prevent water from damaging your rental property.

8. Screen the tenants

You might be thinking, what does this have to do with water damage? Well, tenants with certain backgrounds might be at a higher risk for creating any damage, including water-related causes.

Make sure that the tenants haven’t been evicted in the past. Failure to pay the rent might indicate that they could be negligent towards the property as well. When your potential tenants show up drunk or under the influence of any drugs, then steer clear. Having frequent alcohol-fueled parties raises the risk of water damage significantly because it shows that they do not care for the rental property.

9. Check the window seals

Improperly sealed windows aren’t just a nuisance, they could create long-term problems with water damage. Moisture and water can easily enter the rooms from windows that have worn-out seals.

Also, noticing any cracks around the windows should alert you enough to get them fixed as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the summer to end because even the first big rainstorm could create a lot of damage.

10.   Create a slope in the yard

In the case of a violent rainstorm, water can quickly accumulate on level ground and start to endanger the property. Grading the surrounding yard in a downward fashion lets the rainwater flow away from the building.

There are many practical steps that you can take to prevent water from damaging your rental property. Clean the floor drains and rain gutters, seal any cracks, check the sump pump and the window seals while ensuring the yard is properly graded.

If anything needs repair work, then take the proper steps immediately. Any postponing of these repairs could be interpreted as neglect if you have a tenant living inside the property while there’s a water emergency creating damage inside the house. Also, having a moisture sensor installed in areas prone to water damage is a useful way to protect the rental property from serious damage.

If water damage happens to you, call 970.668.1600 for fast restoration service.

Remove Red Wine, Gravy & Other Holiday Carpet Stains

We hope your holiday season is filled with delicious food, great conversation, and meaningful company. The best holidays are centered around food, and we all enjoy sharing meals with friends and family. When a guest spills their red wine on the carpet or a family member drips gravy on the furniture, the mood can quickly change from festive to fearful. Don’t let a few drops of wine ruin the celebration. Learn how to remove red wine and other holiday carpet stains with these quick tips from your friends at Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration. If you can’t remove holiday stains, give us a call and our professionals will take care of everything.

Removing Red Wine from Carpet with Baking Soda

When it comes to red wine on the carpet, the key is to act fast.

  1. Use a dry, white cloth to blot the area, removing as much of the moisture as possible.
  2. Once you’ve removed as much of the wine as possible from the carpet fibers, pour a small amount of cold water directly onto the stain.
  3. Continue blotting with the white cloth. The idea is to dilute the stain with the cold water.
  4. Once you’ve removed as much of the wine stain as possible with cold water and a blotting cloth, prepare a baking soda cleaning paste. Mix a 3:1 ratio of baking soda to water and apply it to the wine stain. Wait for the baking soda paste to dry and vacuum the wine stain.

Remove Gravy Stains from Carpet and Upholstery

“Please pass the gravy!” is one of the most common phrases you’ll hear around the Thanksgiving dinner table – and also one of the most common holiday carpet stains. It’s delicious, it’s thick, and it definitely leaves an unsightly stain on your carpet and upholstery.

  1. Remove as much of the solid from the carpet or couch fibers as possible using a clean spoon or knife. Gravy is oily, so avoid using a cloth because it could push the oil deeper into the fibers.
  2. Sprinkle the stain with baking soda to absorb the excess oil. Use a soft brush to gently work the baking soda into the carpet. Let the powder sit on the stain for at least 30 minutes before vacuuming up.
  3. If the stain hasn’t lifted, mix a few drops of dish soap with 2 cups of hot water and gently clean with a soft brush. Use a paper towel or cloth to blot away the cleaner. Continue until the stain is removed.
  4. If the gravy stain is on silk, vintage fabric or specialty upholstery, sprinkle with baking soda and call a professional cleaner as soon as possible.

Removing Candle Wax Stains

Candle wax is one of the easier stains to remove, as long as you wait for it to dry!

  1. Blow out the candle and wait for the dripped wax to dry.
  2. Gently scrape off as much hardened wax as possible using a dull knife and vacuum what remains.
  3. Lay a damp paper towel or white cotton towel over the remaining wax and press down with a warm iron to transfer the wax to the towel. Repeat until all or most of the wax is gone.

Cranberry Sauce Carpet Stains

Whether you prefer homemade or canned, a holiday meal just isn’t complete without cranberry sauce. Handle a cranberry sauce stain with these quick tips.

  1. Scrape up any excess cranberry sauce with a spoon.
  2. Blot with a white cloth and cold water, removing as much of the red stain as possible. Be careful not to spread the stain.
  3. Prepare a solution with a few drops of mild dish soap and 2 cups of hot water. Use a clean white cloth to blot the cleaning solution onto the stain.
  4. Dry with another cloth and repeat until the stain is lifted.

Pet Accidents Happen, Here’s What to Do

Pet accidents happen - Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration removing pet stains in Breckenridge

Our beloved pets aren’t just dogs or cats, they’re members of the family, our best friends, constant companions, and provide unconditional love like no other. Let’s face it though, our furry friends come with messes. No matter how perfect we think they are, pet accidents happen and it’s often on the one rug in the entire home, our bedding, or nice piece of furniture. 

Be prepared for occasional accidents by having a great pet stain remover on hand as well as some great do-it-yourself remedies with products you likely already have around. For accidents that are too tough for DIY, Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration’s professional carpet cleaning service is just a phone call away. 

As always, whenever you discover a pet stain, the quicker you act, the better chance you have to get rid of it.

Here are two do-it-yourself solutions to try:

DIY Solution # 1:  Vinegar and baking soda to clean pet stains

  1. Gather up your vinegar, baking soda, and a clean cloth. 
  2. Carefully pour a generous amount of vinegar directly onto the pet stain. Use enough vinegar to thoroughly soak the stain.
  3. Sprinkle a much smaller amount of baking soda onto the stain. Be sure to use the vinegar first! You’ll hear the effervescent sounds of the solution working. 
  4. Cover the area with a clean dry cloth or even a bowl- something to remind you that it’s there. Let it set to dry for 1-2 days. 
  5. After a few days have passed, vacuum the area to get rid of excess baking soda. You may also wipe down the area a clean towel.

DIY Solution # 2: Dishwashing liquid detergent to clean pet stains

  1. Blot the stained area with a disposable towel. Be careful not to spread by wiping away from the stain. You can drop the cloth on and stand on it to soak up as much as possible, repeating the process with a clean cloth as necessary. 
  2. Mix 1 cup of warm water with ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Please note that hand soap or laundry detergent will not work.
  3. Pour the water/dishwashing mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the pet-stained area.
  4. Give a few minutes to allow the mixture to soak the stain well. Use either a shop-vac or clean cotton cloth to clean up the stain using the method explained above in Step 1. 
  5. Rinse the area with warm water and repeat Steps 1 through 4 until the stain is no longer visible.

Call Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration for the Most Stubborn Pet Stains

The two above-mentioned home remedies do well at removing a variety of household pet stains, but those extra stubborn spots always seem to make their presence known. Our well-equipped and expertly-trained carpet cleaning team when you need extra help on the worst pet accidents, stains and odors. 

Vote Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration for Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Summit County
Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Summit County
Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration has been nominated for Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Summit County for the Best of Summit 2019!

Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration has been nominated for Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Summit County! The Best of Summit 2019 allows readers of the Summit Daily to vote for their favorite businesses in Summit County. The top three winners in each category are awarded and celebrated for their hard work and excellent customer service.

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What to Do when your Roof is Leaking

Flood Damage in Summit County, Colorado
Roof leaks happen every spring in Summit County, CO. Here’s what to do when your home has a roof leak.

Spring has sprung in the high country. After months of around-the-clock freezing temps, we all relish this time of year, enjoying warmer daytimes while still being able to enjoy snow sports. However, the spring cycle of daytime warmth with overnight freezing can wreak havoc on one of the most important parts of our homes- the roof! Roof leaks are most likely to occur this time of year when the snow sitting on the rooftop begins to melt.

We’ve created a helpful list of the steps to take when a roof leak is spotted:

Flood Damage in Summit County, Colorado
Water damage from roof leaks is extremely common in the mountains. Here’s what to do when your roof is leaking.

Step 1. Contain the leak

If the leak is not too large, place buckets and pots under the stream or drip to prevent and minimize spread.

Step 2. Remove the source of the leak

Call someone who specializes in snow roof removal to remove ice dams and snow sitting on the roof.

Step 3. Dry all Exposed Materials

Once the leak is under control, all carpet, furniture, woodwork and anything else that was exposed to water needs to be thoroughly dried. Not only will water leave a stain, but mostly, you must prevent mold from growing in your home. If the carpet is soaked, pull it away from the padding and expose both sides of the rug and the pad to briskly circulating air. If the damage is extensive, call a professional water extraction company.

Step 4. Roof Inspection

Have a roofing contractor inspect your roof to see if repairs need to be made.

How We Can Help

We can provide all the assistance you need for step #3:
Water damage restoration: Water extraction from drywall and carpet to prevent further damage.
Upholstery and carpet cleaning: Removal of dirt and water stains and drying.
Mold removal: Water extraction and mold remediation.
Hardwood refinishing: Water extraction and hardwood finish.

There is nothing fun about roof leaks! Take away some of the stress by calling one company who can take care of multiple services – Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration. 970.668.1600

Tubing: Summit County’s Magic Carpets

Keeping  your carpet clean and looking new is one of the things we do best. Second homeowners, property management companies and locals alike all choose Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration for professional carpet cleaning services. We’re not magic, we just know the best methods and techniques to do our jobs the very best. 

But today we’re talking about an entirely different kind of carpet – the magic carpet! Magic carpet is the only kind of carpet we don’t clean and it’s one of the best ways to have fun in Summit County. Read on to learn about where to go in Summit County to ride up a magic carpet and then take a thrilling ride down the hill on a soft, bouncy tube. 

Second only to skiing and snowboarding, tubing is one of the most popular winter sports in Summit County. 

There are three official tubing hills in Summit County. By “official” we mean hills with individual lanes, professionally groomed, with natural and manmade snow, safety personnel, and of course the magic carpet for easy transport up the hill.  

Keystone Resort

Keystone’s tubing hill is perhaps the granddaddy of the Summit County tubing hills. A ride in the gondola up the mountain to the tubing hill is part of the fun.  The hill has lanes that vary in speed and bumpiness. The magic carpet is covered creating a “magic tunnel” that keeps guests out of the elements while awaiting transport for their next ride back down. Tubing sessions are an hour long and run daily through early evening hours under lights. Reservations are required.

Frisco Adventure Park

Centrally located and the closest tubing hill to Breckenridge, Frisco Adventure Park has a low-key, low-fuss tubing option that provides the same high altitude fun as the bigger hills. Sessions are one hour long and run through the early evening hours. The hill sits yards away from the cozy day lodge so that family members not participating can watch the fun while staying warm or having a snack.

Copper Mountain

Copper’s tubing hill is the most unique in Summit County with lanes that make a right angle turn rather than straight the entire way down.  On the western edge of county, Copper is a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of central Summit, making it a great option for wider availability in session times.

If you’re a frequent visitor to Summit County due to second home ownership, keep Exclusive Carpet and Restoration in mind for all of your home cleaning needs. Spend more time having fun and less time doing house chores like while in the mountains!

Call 970.668.1600 for professional carpet cleaning in Summit County!

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Being long-time providers of excellent customer service, we enjoy answering our client’s questions. One of the most common questions we get asked is “How often should my carpet be professionally cleaned?” 

How often should you get your carpet clean breckenridge

Carpet in a typical household should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending upon the number of residents, amount and type of activity, and whether the carpet is light or dark in color.

Consider these factors when asking yourself,

“How often should I clean my carpets?”

Shoes worn indoors

Both seen and unseen dirt is carried into a household on shoes which can prematurely wear the carpet fibers. 


A home with children increases the likelihood of spills, smears, and splatters, and foot traffic with no regards as to where they’ve been. Romping in the same part of the yard the pets might use as their favorite bathroom spot, for example. Additionally, children spend more time on the carpet. They’re not only getting it dirty, but causing concern for parents who want their children to have play spaces free of toxins and irritants. 

How often should you clean carpets breckenridge dog carpet stain


Our four-legged family members undoubtedly have more hair that the legged ones. Because our pets shed on a constant basis and because their fur carries dander, along with dirt and bacteria brought in from outdoors, vacuuming even 3-4 times a week is in sufficient to keeping carpets clean. To prevent excess damage to carpet fibers, having pets in the home increases the need for professional cleaning. 


Carpet fibers tend to collect dust and allergens floating in the air. These particles will build up over time and if allowed to accumulate will become airborne any time there is activity on the carpet, as little as someone walking through the room. These allergens need to be removed to maintain a healthy environment and limit the amount of irritants in the air for allergy sufferers. 


The lighter the shade of carpet, the more often it will need to be clean to keep it’s room-brightening abilities. 


Some carpet manufacturers require newly-installed carpet to be maintained per instructions in order to keep the warranty in full effect. Receipts may be required to show proof the cleanings were done following the regimented schedule. 


The first-impression areas of a vacation home will need to be cleaned more often than traffic areas in the private home of a busy family who don’t often entertain. While cleanliness can be a big factor in reviews ratings of a luxury vacation property, it can be very low on the list of priorities for parents with a bustling household. 

Professional carpet cleaning services take the hassle out of owning and maintaining your carpets. Connect with Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration today for a free quote, We offer carpet cleaning services in Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne, Keystone, Copper Mountain and Blue River. 

Ski season is coming… save 10% on carpet cleaning services!

Breckenridge ski season is coming, save on professional carpet cleaning

Ski season is coming… Save 10% on carpet cleaning services

Fall is in the air in Summit County, which means winter is right around the corner. Now through September 30, our customers can save 10% off professional carpet cleaning services in Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon, Blue River, Copper Mountain, and Keystone.

It’s recommended that carpets are professionally cleaned every 12 – 24 months, depending on traffic, pets, and warranty specifications. Professional cleanings extend the life if your carpets and protect your investment.

Schedule your next carpet or upholstery cleaning now and get 10% off when you mention this email. Call 970.668.1600 or email EST@ExclusiveCleaning.co for a free quote.

What causes carpets to ripple and wrinkle?

What causes carpets to ripple, wrinkle and buckle?

Causes Carpets to Ripple? Summit county Breckenridge carpet repair and carpet stretching breckenridge

Overtime, carpets may begin to wrinkle, fold or get a sagging look. There are several reasons that cause carpets to wrinkle, but only one way to fix them. Are your carpets in need of a repair, stretch of professional carpet cleaning? Give us a call and we’ll resolve all your carpet repair, stretching and restoration needs. 970.668.1600


Moisture or Humidity

High in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, humidity is likely not the culprit of your carpet ripples, but moisture tracked in from snow or rain just might be. This would have to be A LOT of moisture on the carpet to cause this or a leak getting underneath the rug. More than likely, if your carpet is wrinkled from moisture it’s because of an overly wet cleaning job not properly managed. This can be avoided with the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Improper Installation

This is usually the most common reason for carpet ripples. When a new carpet is installed, it must be stretched properly to avoid loosening and developing future wrinkles. Proper install means using the right equipment and tools for the job – usually a power stretcher. Beware if an installer is only using a knee-kicker…. this could mean trouble!

Low Quality Padding

Before ordering and installing new carpets, check the manufacturers recommendations for padding. Padding is not where you want to save money, as adequate padding is necessary for life and longevity of your carpet. Selecting cheap or inadequate padding can void your warranty and create ripple effects down the road.

What Causes carpets to ripple

Heavy Dragging

We’re all guilty of this sometimes! Dragging heavy items like furniture across carpets can cause the carpet to catch, tug and ultimately stretch your carpet. If an item is too heavy to move by lifting, try using plywood to ‘scoot’ the furniture across the carpet – or if you can hire professional movers.


Sometimes a carpet can separate from its backing, allowing it to move freely and shift around the room. Delamination will cause a carpet to ripple. If this happens on its own, you may be covered under the manufacturers warranty. This can also happen because of moisture or an overly wet carpet.

If your carpet has wrinkled or rippled, it should be re-stretched by a professional. You should not let this go for very long, as wrinkles tend to increase and get worse over time, complicated the job.If a carpet wrinkle becomes a crease or sharp peak in the carpet, it may need to be replaced. Give the experts at Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration a call for a complimentary quote on carpet repair and carpet stretching in Summit County, CO.

Maintaining Hardwood Floors Year Round

Maintaining Hardwood Floors Year Round


Hardwood is often the preferred flooring throughout homes, as it adds an elevated appearance and traps less dirt, dust and germs than carpet.  However, this elevated look can become tarnished over the years if hardwood is not properly maintained. To avoid the costly expense and inconvenience of sanding, refinishing, or even a complete replacement, Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration knows that maintaining hardwood floors year round is key. If you have hardwood flooring throughout your home, read on for our suggested at home maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Daily Cleaning

Okay – ‘daily’ might be a strong word, but if you have time to dust and sweep your hardwoods on a daily basis, this is your best defense against scratches and surface damage that comes with daily activities. We suggest conducting a quick sweep to pick up any larger items or loose dirt and dust, and then doubling back with a microfiber mop to efficiently pick up and trap remaining messes.

Maintaining Hardwood Floors Year Round Hardwood Flooring Breckenridge

Weekly Cleaning

Common misconception – vacuums are only for cleaning carpets. Not in our book! Busting out the vac at least once a week is great for cleaning those harder to reach places, such as corners, under bookshelves, and so on. Reminder: if your vacuum has wheels on it, be sure not to let them scrape along the hardwood in order to avoid scrapes and damage. And, if vacuuming isn’t your style, you can always wet mop, just remember that water and hardwood don’t mix! Lightly mist the surface with hardwood cleaner and wipe away impurities.

Monthly Cleaning

Polish, polish, polish. Polishing hardwood not only renews and refreshes the surface, but it also ensures that the finish is getting the most attentions, filling microscopic scratches and events out the surface with minimal effort. Simply purchase hardwood polish, spray, and buff out to reveal shiny, good-as-new floors.

Maintaining Hardwood Floors Year Round, Breckenridge hardwood floors

Yearly Cleaning

Like most items within the home, a deep clean once a year is a fantastic rule of thumb for maintaining quality. A deep scrub, finish or gloss will save you years before needing to sand, refinish or replace your hardwood flooring. Of course, if you aren’t keen on spending your spare time with another household chore, we’re here to help. Our professional three-step cleaning system will clean, re-coat, and refurbish your hardwood floors, reversing and preventing years of damage.

Learn about Exclusive cleaning and Restoration’s Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing services in Summit County.

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