Lady hugging broom handle with an expression that says, I don't want to clean.

Your time is valuable. Time is probably the most valuable asset and thing you cherish most. Most often, there are too many commitments that stand in the way and eat up your free time: work, family, running kids around, managing a household, etc.. Who wants to spend their spare time cleaning or deep cleaning areas in your home? Wouldn’t you rather spend your valuable extra time doing your favorite things with your favorite people in Summit County?

According to Psychology Today people that experience time scarcity can be less happy and encounter more stress. “Focusing on time could improve your mood.”(Ashley Whillans, Ph.D.) An interesting study showed people that spent money on a time saving activity were far more satisfied and happier than spending money on a material item. Think about that for a moment… time saving purchases spark more joy so you can go do the things you love.

Spending money on something as simple as a house cleaning service will free up your valuable time and create a great amount of satisfaction. Think about how happy you will feel coming home from your favorite hike in the Gore Range and having your house sparkling clean.

You deserve more time to spend on the things you love. Why not free up some time and hire Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration for some specialized deep cleans on things such as mattresses, tile, upholstery, and hardwood floors? Better yet, schedule a bi-weekly or monthly clean for your entire home.

Here are a couple of time saving tips for those cleaning chores needed in between scheduled cleans:

  • Keep it simple and focus on distraction free 30 minute chunks. You can get quite a bit done in a half hour such as vacuuming, window spot cleaning, or a quick kitchen wipe down. Don’t forget to set your timer!
  • Concentrate on one room at a time. Clean a master bathroom completely before moving on to the next. If it takes 30 minutes or more, save the next bathroom for another day.

The benefits of having your house professionally cleaned are vast. But really, the most important advantage is freeing up your valuable time so you can spend it doing the things you love, and with peace of mind.