Dog friendly rentals are a win/win for owners and guests. They’re often more profitable, cleaner, and in high-demand.

Breckenridge dog friendly rentals

Summit County residents are as passionate about their pets as they are with our surrounding beauty and active lifestyle. Locals are seen year-round with their four-legged companions all over town; on trails down low and on the highest mountain tops, on backcountry excursions, and curled up around the camp fire.

We have numerous pet supply stores, two fabulous dog parks, and dozens of dog-friendly patios around the county. On Main Street in Breckenridge, many merchants provide ‘doggie hydration stations’. Our pets need extra hydration just like we do! Doggie waste bags can also be found in abundance far and wide throughout the county.

Office dogs are the norm in Summit County. In fact, the Breckenridge Tourism Office puts out an annual Working Dogs calendar filled with adorable photos of office dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, and service dogs of all breeds and sizes! They also provide a comprehensive guide to dog-friendly Breckenridge activities and lodging.

Should You Bring your Dog to Breckenridge?

It’s not surprising that we attract visitors who want to share their love of the outdoors with their dogs just as much as we do. We love our visitors and we love their pets too. Our visitors’ pets are welcome to share in all the same perks as our resident dogs, with one major exception … lodging! Unfortunately, when it comes to finding a hotel or vacation home that allows four-legged family members to stay the night, the options are often slim.

There are tens of thousands of places to lay a head while in Summit County; single bedrooms in private homes, hotel rooms, and multi-million-dollar mansions rented by private homeowners. Unfortunately, only approximately one-quarter of these lodging options are pet friendly, or places where pets are allowed to lay their heads for the night alongside their humans.

While many homeowners and property managers cite allergies as the reason for banning furry family members (and rightfully so), many more have the conception of other people’s dogs as dirty and destructive. There are also dozens of HOAs which prohibit guest pets in rental properties for safety and liability reasons.

Dog Friendly Rentals are Cleaner

We want to let you in on a little secret: dog friendly rentals are often cleaner than their counterparts.

There is no question that cleanliness is the number one factor for guest satisfaction. No one wants to stay in an unclean hotel room or vacation home. Since guest reviews are a key factor in rental property success, cleanliness becomes that much more important.

However, unless you or one of your family members have pet allergies, we’d like to point out a few things that might make you reconsider allowing guest pets in your rental home, especially if you have pets of your own.

Pet Friendly Rentals are Profitable

With pet-friendly options being the minority in the market, and in high demand, these rooms and homes are often booked solid. If you have a unit that is new to the market with no reviews or one that doesn’t book as well as your neighbor’s home, making it pet friendly could greatly increase your bookings, and grow positive reviews! We’ve seen this scenario with homes that are slightly less favorable due to location, décor, fewer upgrades and amenities, etc. Switching that home over to the pet-friendly category can increase the rentals thus increasing the homeowner’s revenue.

If your own pets are present when you occupy your home, but you don’t allow guests to bring pets, you could end up with guests who assume pets are never in the home, and then unhappy guests who discover a dog hair or become sick due to pet allergies. If you are a homeowner who has pets and does not have a HOA that restricts your guests, perhaps you might consider allowing your guests to have them too. As Breckenridge cleaning professionals, we can honestly say that young children tend to cause more messes and damage than pets do!

Professionally Cleaned Dog Friendly Rentals

Most people who are attached enough to their pets to want to take them on vacation have pets that are well-trained and well-behaved. However, in the event of excessive pet hair or a pet accident, Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration is here to rescue your rental and get it back to 5-star status. The additional revenue from increased bookings will more than offset the cost of an extra carpet clean.

Exclusive Cleaning serves many well maintained and professionally cleaned dog friendly rentals on a regular basis. With fresh, inviting carpets and upholstery, you wouldn’t know which ones are pet-friendly properties without being told. Plus, not every reservation at a pet-friendly home brings pets; the average is about half with pets and half without.

Lastly, if you’re determined to not allow guests to bring their pets, but you have pets of your own, we hope you will consider more frequent deep cleans, carpet and upholstery cleans in the event you have guests with allergies or aversions to stray dog hairs. Your stellar reviews for cleanliness will result in maximizing your revenue potential.