vacation rental cleaning service in Summit County

Expectations are important, especially when it comes to vacations. Guests spend thousands to visit a destination of their choice. You may not know whether your guests like to ski or snowboard, but when it comes to vacation rentals there is a standard.  Guests notice and appreciate when a vacation rental is well maintained and clean. It’s crucial to stay on top of your vacation rental cleaning!

1  Cleanliness

5-Star Cleanliness: Hands-down, no-questions-asked, the top of the list item that guests will notice and appreciate more than anything else is the overall cleanliness of their vacation home. A family can arrive to a stunning, palatial mountain getaway, find a thoughtful handwritten note along with a welcome basket, and even complimentary activity passes…but if that vacation home is not clean, nothing else matters! 

No one has ever had a fabulous stay in a vacation home that is anything less than 5-star quality clean. An immaculate, small and modest home with bright-white linens and towels is preferable over a larger home with grime, grunge, and/or evidence of the previous inhabitant’s unsavory lack of tidiness.

When it comes to cleanliness, it’s the very last place to take shortcuts or be left making apologies. Not only is a clean house aesthetically pleasing, guests who stay in a spotless home are far more comfortable and can rest and relax with ease knowing germs and creepy-crawlies do not exist in their vacation bubble.

2. Great Amenities

Hot tubs, home theaters (or large screen TVs in smaller homes) and high-speed internet top the list of amenities. Guests want these perks and they want them to be functioning perfectly. Sparkling clean hot tubs are especially part of the package when the guest envisions their dream mountain vacation. They picture themselves soaking the aches away after a long day of outdoor activity followed by the family gathered around a big screen for a game or movie.

While staying in touch with the office may not be part of that dream, it’s often necessary in today’s society. Many guests must get a bit of work done while away from home and high-speed internet access is crucial.

3. A well-maintained vacation home

Make sure your vacation rental cleaning service pays special attention to couches, carpets, and floors.

Just because the home is a rental, don’t expect your guests to not notice wood floors that are scratched and scuffed, furniture spotted from grimy stains, or carpet that is worn or dingy in high traffic areas. A little bit of maintenance goes a very long way, not only in impressing your guests with the message that you care about the quality of their stay, but also with guests taking better care of your home.

Guests who stay in a home that has not been well maintained will assume the management/ homeowner does not care much about the property. If the management or homeowner does not care, why should the guests care? On the other hand, when guests are presented with a pristine home that obviously receives a lot of TLC, they in turn feel cared for and are more likely to pass that care back to the home. They will remove their shoes at the door and use caution and good judgement with food or drink outside the kitchen.

No one wants to lose a deposit or be responsible for a big stain on a spotless rug. Guest damage cannot be hidden in a well-maintained home. You can be sure they won’t tromp across wood floors in their ski boots if those wood floors are in great condition. They will notice a spotless rug and think twice about being careless with the red wine. Professional vacation rental cleaning services may recommend a professional floor cleaning service.

4. A vacation home with fresh and odor-free air

Your vacation rental cleaning service may need to enlist the help of professional carpet cleaning services in Summit County.

Bad odors in a home create subliminal messages that the home is not healthy. The biggest percentage of Summit County visitors come from Texas and Florida where the air has greater levels of oxygen and does not leave them gasping for breath. Throw in some allergens such as dust, mildew, or pet dander into our thin and dry air and you’ll be left with a guest who is congested, has tremendous difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, and may even go home sick.

Whether they realize it or not, guests will love a vacation home where the carpets, upholstery, and mattresses are clean and allergen free. This is especially true here in the high country where it is often too cold to open windows! Vacation rental cleaning services, like Exclusive Cleaning Summit or Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration, will stay on top of bad odors and allergens in your property.

5. Insider tips and coupons

 Guests want to be lovingly welcomed and feel like a local. Especially Summit County guests- the place where so many guests fall under the spell of the majestic beauty and small mountain town good vibes. They appreciate insider tips that cannot be found at the brochure stand. Tips like the best uncrowded trails, the most convenient places to park, where to go for dinner for great food and service minus the crowds.

They love tips that put them in the know and make them feel like they are at home as much as those of us who are lucky enough to live here year ‘round. Families love tips that help them save money, like shoulder season specials, discounts on activities, or being pointed in the direction of a local thrift store for huge savings on outdoor gear and apparel.