Tile and Grout Cleaning Breckenridge

With the active outdoor lifestyle of Summit County homeowners and visitors, tile and stone are functional and beautiful choices for indoor flooring. Over the past decade, concrete has become a popular choice as well. However, because of their porous nature, tile and concrete are extremely difficult to clean by hand, even with the most powerful elbow grease. Just like a sponge, the porous surfaces of tile, stone, and grout will soak up dirt and bacteria. Scrubbing cannot reach those deep surfaces. Even if you have someone with a strong elbow available, we’re willing to bet they don’t want to spend hours on their hands and knees. To protect the life and beauty of your tile and stone flooring, there are three reasons to have them professionally cleaned.

  1. Superior cleanliness:  Bacteria, allergens and pet dander can penetrate the porous surfaces or tile and grout. Professional equipment can lift these germs out and protect residents and guests who suffer from allergies and asthma. Not only will your tile be brighter, it will be healthier too. Only a professional clean can remove deep seated dirt. No matter how hard you scrub by hand, you cannot reach the dirt and spills that have seeped down into the pores. Professional equipment can lift these stains and deep dirt and also remove sticky residues that attract dirt.
  2. Have a protective sealant applied: A sealant was applied on the surface of your at the time of installation. However, these sealants wear out over time, leaving the floor more susceptible to spills. Along with a professional clean, the tile and grout are both re-sealed and prolong the life of these surfaces.
  3. Cost savings: Professional cleaning that keeps your tile and grout looking brand new will prolong its life. If your home is a vacation rental, then you know that positive reviews have a direct impact on your home’s earning potential. The brighter appearance of professionally cleaned tile will leave a much greater impression on your guests in the overall cleanliness of your home which equates to 5 stars at review time.

You may look at your floors and recognize the fact they could use a good cleaning, but most likely you won’t realize just how dirty they are until they’ve been professionally cleaned! Maybe you just bought a new home and would like an overhaul on the clean. We can clean the carpet, upholstery, and mattresses at the same time your tile is cleaned. Free quotes can be provided for individual rooms or for your entire home. Give our locally-owned company a call today!