What causes carpets to ripple, wrinkle and buckle?

Causes Carpets to Ripple? Summit county Breckenridge carpet repair and carpet stretching breckenridge

Overtime, carpets may begin to wrinkle, fold or get a sagging look. There are several reasons that cause carpets to wrinkle, but only one way to fix them. Are your carpets in need of a repair, stretch of professional carpet cleaning? Give us a call and we’ll resolve all your carpet repair, stretching and restoration needs. 970.668.1600


Moisture or Humidity

High in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, humidity is likely not the culprit of your carpet ripples, but moisture tracked in from snow or rain just might be. This would have to be A LOT of moisture on the carpet to cause this or a leak getting underneath the rug. More than likely, if your carpet is wrinkled from moisture it’s because of an overly wet cleaning job not properly managed. This can be avoided with the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Improper Installation

This is usually the most common reason for carpet ripples. When a new carpet is installed, it must be stretched properly to avoid loosening and developing future wrinkles. Proper install means using the right equipment and tools for the job – usually a power stretcher. Beware if an installer is only using a knee-kicker…. this could mean trouble!

Low Quality Padding

Before ordering and installing new carpets, check the manufacturers recommendations for padding. Padding is not where you want to save money, as adequate padding is necessary for life and longevity of your carpet. Selecting cheap or inadequate padding can void your warranty and create ripple effects down the road.

What Causes carpets to ripple

Heavy Dragging

We’re all guilty of this sometimes! Dragging heavy items like furniture across carpets can cause the carpet to catch, tug and ultimately stretch your carpet. If an item is too heavy to move by lifting, try using plywood to ‘scoot’ the furniture across the carpet – or if you can hire professional movers.


Sometimes a carpet can separate from its backing, allowing it to move freely and shift around the room. Delamination will cause a carpet to ripple. If this happens on its own, you may be covered under the manufacturers warranty. This can also happen because of moisture or an overly wet carpet.

If your carpet has wrinkled or rippled, it should be re-stretched by a professional. You should not let this go for very long, as wrinkles tend to increase and get worse over time, complicated the job.If a carpet wrinkle becomes a crease or sharp peak in the carpet, it may need to be replaced. Give the experts at Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration a call for a complimentary quote on carpet repair and carpet stretching in Summit County, CO.