Did your dog destroy your carpet?

You’re not alone.

Carpet Repair Breckenridge


Carpet Repair Breckenridge



It’s actually more common than you think. Dogs can be destructive when they are upset and carpets are often victim of the destruction. In Summit County, Colorado dogs rule. Most people have dogs and are around dogs daily with friends, on Main street, and even in the office. We’ve actually heard some folks refer to Breckenridge as ‘doggy heaven’. As dog owners and lovers ourselves, we tend to agree!

But dogs, just like people, aren’t perfect.

They get upset. They get destructive, usually when their owner is not at home.

Depending on your pet’s preferences, they may chew your clothes, couch, dump over the garbage or destroy your carpet. In fact, we see that a lot. A times a month, we get calls to repair carpets that have been destroyed by pets.

Like it or not, destruction can be a part of being a loving dog owner.

Fear not! We are here to help. Our professional carpet repair services in Summit County specialize in putting your carpets and rugs back together again.

Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration offers carpet repair services in Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Blue River, Keystone, Copper Mountain and Dillon, Colorado. Give us a call 970.668.1600 or send an email to est@exclusivecleaning.co for a free estimate