Tile and Grout Cleaning 101


Do you regularly clean tile and grout in your home? If you answered ‘no’, you’re not alone. Tile and grout, both indoors and outdoors, are often given a quick surface sweep to rid dirt and dust, but are rarely deep cleaned. The weathering of tile occurs over time, meaning that wear and tear may not be evident at first glance. However, it is important to deep clean tile surfaces, as well as tile grout, to scrub away months – and even years – of stubborn dirt and grim. Exclusive Cleaning & Restoration has the scoop on tile and grout cleaning at home, and also provides professional cleaning services in Breckenridge. Simply call for a quote, or to schedule your next cleaning, 970-668-1600.



Grout is porous, meaning it absorbs dirt and spills, staining easily and trapping in germs. To clear away any surface debris, wipe down the grout with hot water and spray a cleaning solution, either store-bought or a homemade mixture of vinegar and water. Let the spray sit on the grout for at least five minutes, and them scrub with a soft brush or toothbrush. If the grout still appears visibly stained, you can mix baking soda with water and apply the paste to grout overnight. After about twelve hours, scrub with a brush and rinse with warm water to reveal shiny, new-looking grout.  

After the grout is looking good as new, the tile itself deserves some TLC as well. Vacuum or sweep the surface to begin, and then mop the entire floor is a mild cleaning detergent and clean, warm water. You can simply use a large rag or cloth is a mop is unavailable to you, however, ensure that you change the water once it becomes dirty, as dirty water equals cloudy tile floors. Let air dry and enjoy the sparkle you just put back into your home.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Breckenridge

Kitchen Counters

From dried food scraps, juice stains, and soapy residue, title kitchen counters house an entire new category of items that cause pesky grim. Ironically, the best way to remove food film and grime from tile counters is with…food. A mixture of lemon juice and water quickly cuts through thick film thanks to the acidity. Rinse with water and buff with a linen cloth to completely wipe away imperfections, as well as stickiness from the lemon juice. For a deeper clean, you can scrub kitchen tile grout with vinegar or baking soda, just as you would with tile flooring.

Showers and Bathtubs

Tile and Grout Cleaning Breckenridge

Bathroom tile can be separated from floor and kitchen tile thanks to everyone’s favorite friend – soap scum. Removing soap scum from bathroom tile is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of tile cleaning, and requires a decent amount of elbow grease with a brush or rough side of a sponge. This step should be done dry, without any water or additional cleaning solutions. Once the major layer of soap scum is removed, spray and soak the entire shower or tub surface with tub and tile cleaning of your choice. You can also use the classic baking soda and water mixture, and then spray with a layer of vinegar, as a substitute for store-bought cleaners. Take your brush or sponge and scrub the surface a second time, loosening mold and mildew. Feel free to pour a touch of hydrogen peroxide on especially stubborn areas while scrubbing. Finish by running clean, hot water over the tile to rinse the cleaning mixture and remove any remaining grim.

Tile Sealing

To ensure that your freshly cleaned tile and grout stays fresh and clean, it’s always a good idea to seal tile and grout to protect from future dirt and grim. You can do this at home with store-bought applicator kits, or leave to the pros at Exclusive Cleaning & Restoration. Our truck mounted cleaning systems are equipped to clean and seal a variety of tile and grout throughout your home to bring it back to its original condition, and ensure it withstands whatever you throw at it.