Tips for Removing Summer Stains

As the summer months are quickly coming to an end, there are still a handful of warm-weather, outdoor activities that you may want to partake in before cooler temperatures hit. From hiking, boating, biking, hosting a gathering in your backyard, or simply taking your dog for a walk, keeping the outdoors -well, outdoors – can seem nearly impossible when you live in Summit County, Colorado. Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration has a variety of tips and tricks to clean mud, dirt and stains so that you can enjoy your last days of summer without stressing over the mess. Looking for a professional to handle your Breckenridge carpet cleaning and specialty floors? Give us a call to schedule your next cleaning, 970-668-1600.

Muddy Boots mean dirty floors. Best Breckenridge carpet cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning

Muddy boots, feet, and paws are arguably the biggest culprit of carpet stains, especially in the summertime. Because these stains usually aren’t large in size, spot cleaning is a quick and efficient way to remove mud and dirt. A simple solution of white vinegar, dish soap and water in a spray bottle is a quick home remedy that requires only 5-10 minutes of soaking. Blot with a dry, clean towel and the stain should be lifted and removed from the carpet.


Upholstery Cleaning Breckenridge, professional couch cleaning breckenridgeUpholstery Cleaning

First things first, let the mud dry completely. This will allow you to vacuum up as much as possible, leaving you to focus on the mud that has truly sunken in and stained the upholstery. Since upholstery is somewhat unforgiving, especially if it is light in color, we recommend pretreating with generic strain remove. Afterward, follow similar steps to spot treating your carpet by mixing liquid soap and cool water to soak into the stain. After letting the soap mixture soak, blot at the stain with a clean cloth. Repeat soaking and blotting until the mud stain disappears.


Water Damage Restoration

Mud is made up of dirt and water, meaning that besides the dirt stain itself, water damage might be your other enemy when mud gets tracked into the house. Whether the mud is on your carpet, upholstery, or other home furnishings, you want to ensure that you remove the water as quickly as possible. To do so, you can use a variety of tools such as fans, dehumidifiers, or even a steam cleaner. The faster the area is dry, the less water damage there will be.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Another area of the home that is often overlooked is tile flooring, as a quick sweep or mopping is thought to suffice. However, as mud and dirt get tracked into the home over time, a more aggressive form of cleaning is suggested, especially at the end of the summer season. To target stubborn grim in tile grout, apply a generous layer of baking soda paste, spray down with diluted vinegar, and scrub with a brush (even a toothbrush will do!). Rinse, mop, and reveal you clean, shiny tile flooring.


At the end of the day, if your outdoor adventures have tracked in a stain just too large for these at-home remedies to conquer, professional cleaning is always a fantastic way to transition from one season to the next. Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration assesses your individual stain situation and develops a plan of action to best clean and restore your mud-riddled home, leaving more time for you to hit the outdoors and get on with your summer adventures.